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I felt so much more energetic and found it easier to wake up in the morning and get going! It's a weird feeling, that I can't put into words, but the benefits of using the detox machine are definitely worth your while!    Laura Thain age 18

I have been taking Clozapine for a number of month's now. The detox sessions do make me feel more clearer and cleaner over a period of time. The last detox left my urine clear, where normally it would be bright green!    Mark Doughty age 31

I had the best night sleep in years, after the first session on the Dr D Tox Machine. Mrs Copland age 76

Truly Energizing. Each treatment has been different but on all occasions have felt much better - lighter, cleaner and have slept like a baby. Val Parkin

I have found this detox to be very helpful in assisting me in my efforts to remain healthy and maintain well-being. The feeling of being cleansed and “lightened” is wonderful. Barbara Leicester

I am going through the menopause and feel bouts of fatigue and disorientation. After my first Dr D Tox I felt lighter and clearer in my mind and vision. Over the week I noticed my energy level was more buoyant.  A fortnight later I had a second treatment and a much more noticeable increase in positive energy. So far I have had 5 sessions over a period of  3 months which have appear to have helped balance my irregular periods. All in all very encouraging so I bought my own machine!
Karen aged 46

I have Multi sclerosis (M.S) and has been on medication for many years. I had to walk with a walking stick and used a wheelchair. When I heard about the DR-D-TOX treatments at Pretty Wo-men in Langley, I thought I would give it a go as the medication that I was taking was not doing much good:- I felt sick, tired, fainting turns and generally unwell.
I booked a course of six sessions and after the sixth treatment I noticed that I was walking better, was not feeling so tired, the sickness had stopped and I was feeling better in myself.
I had an appointment to see my specialist at City Hospital and when I saw him he asked how I was doing, so I told him I was having these Detox treatments. He asked me how the tablets were working, I told him that they made me feel ill and didn't seem to be doing much. He said that he had heard of the Detox treatments and they were working, he said it was not the tablets. He asked me to stop taking the tablets and I had to come off them slowly and continue to have my DR-D-TOX treatments and see how I get on. I have now been off the tablets for over 12 months, have lost weight and can now walk without my stick. I feel like a new women. I have a detox treatment once a fortnight which is keeping me going. I have still got M.S. and it will never be gone but at least I can get on with my life and live it better now.
Carol from Oldbury, West Midlands
© Sue Doughty 2005
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