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Article - Blood Pressure
About a year ago my doctor found my BP was 167/113 during a routine check when we changed doctors (I'd had & fixed "high" BP 15 years ago - then it was only 85). Since then I've been trying to get it down without resorting to medication. This is what I did & what I've found.

Meditation reduced the resting BP down into the normal range over about 3 weeks but made little difference to non-resting readings.

Mineral & Vitamin supplements helped a bit as well (most things supplemented at +1 x RDA).

Acupuncture helped reduce BP by about 5 points but the effects wear off after a few days.

Regular exercise every morning (as advised by the Chinese Medicine doctor) lowers BP by 5-10 points for a while.

Chinese medicine to clear my circulation system helped do that but made the BP problem worse. So after about 6 months I started taking Hawthorne supplements, + mineral & Vitamin supplements, + "Cholesterol lowering" yogurt. As well as taking Hawthorne etc. I had an intensive course on the Dr D Tox (2 sessions per week for 2-3 weeks), then had another treatment after a week. On a before and after measurement on that last treatment my BP went down by 5 points. Over the three months BP steadily reduced but then reached a plateau at the Mild range.

Then I got a craving to eat blueberries, and the magic happened - my BP started to fall again, this time into the Normal Range.

It's not perfect yet and along the way I've found a few foods that trigger it (things containing MSG and/or E150c are the main culprits e.g. Chinese Takeaways, Stock cubes and gravy browning).

I have strong suspicions that the underlying cause might be excess Iron. There is a fairly rare disease called Hemochromatosis in which people have a genetic disorder which causes them to accumulate Iron in their bodies and if left untreated it kills them, usually in their mid 30's. In the last 2 or 3 years the Canadians have found that a mild form of the disorder is quite common (about a third of Caucasians carry at least one of the genes which cause it). The accumulation of Iron is much slower, showing through in the 50's for men and later for women (who seem to be protected to a degree by menstruation), where it has been proven to cause things like maturity onset diabetes and arthritis - Although not finally proven yet, there are indications in the research that it is suspected as the primary cause of raised blood pressure. Unfortunately, the tests which are used to confirm this condition are not available in the UK through our NHS, so as a precaution I'm also avoiding those foods which are known to be rich sources of Iron.
© Sue Doughty 2005
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